While the Internet has been busy going crazy over Lil Yachty's revelation of his heavy-handed involvement in the creation of City Girls' "Act Up" anthem via his sit down with Kerwin Frost, the interview has proven to provide a boatload more of gems from the young QC signee. 

Aside from his "Act Up" story, Yachty also revealed some interesting new insight as to why the collective hype of the Sailing Team has died down in recent times. According to the young Atlanta artist, it came down to a matter of what seemed to be a one-sided effort and a serious lack of work ethic.

 Paras Griffin/Getty Images

“When the Sailing Team became like my brothers and sisters, I felt the need to take care of them,” Yachty says in the interview with Frost. “But it got to the point where I was spending so much money, almost a million dollars, trying to create this company out of my own money, and they didn’t want it for themselves [...] They were just really lazy. Not even a thing where they were envious or jelly, they were just really lazy. I was like, ‘Why am I sitting here trying so hard to make you guys?’ That’s the thing, I never wanted money from my friends either, I just wanted them to be great. I never signed any of them. I never put none of them on paper because I didn’t want that. I wanted them to get their own labels.”

Notably, the Sailing Team is a collective that hosted the likes of TheGoodPerry, EartThePearll, K$upreme, Byou, Jbans$2Turnt, BIGBRUTHACHUBBA, and even Kodie Shane. Among the pack, Shane, has been the one to break away significantly, landing a deal with Epic and building a strong cult base reminiscent of an earlier iteration of Yachty's successes, becoming a proper star in her own right.

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Ultimately, Boat said that it was A$AP Rocky who gave him advice on how to face what he was feeling in regard to the Sailing Team.

“I called Rocky a lot of times. I used to call him, just like ‘Yo, what do I do with this group of people? How do I get them to work?’” Yachty detailed. “And then Rocky just told me one phone call we had, ‘You can’t make anybody do anything. You gotta understand when enough is enough. You did your part, you know in your mind and your heart that you tried, and y'all still family, you still gang. But you have to do you.’”