If you missed it, Lil Yachty served as the musical guest for Monday night football’s halftime show for the Falcons verse Giants where he performed his Nuthin 2 Prove cut “Everything Good Everything Right.” However the performance received some pretty awful reviews from people on Twitter, with one particular person really going in on Lil Yachty for what he called a “trash” performance.

“Absolute trash! How does this even pass for talent! Nothing about this so called music is real! What’s ur voice actually sound like without Autotune? It can’t be any worse that this!” Travis Blackley said on twitter. Travis apparently is a free agent baseball pitcher who happens to be verified on Twitter, but that didn't stop Yachty from clapping back.

Yachty caught Travis’ tweet, and decided to ruthlessly make fun of him being a “free agent,” aka not being a on team or having a job at the moment. “😂😂😂That’s why u a free agent bitch,” Yachty responded with. It doesn't seem like Yachty was all too bothered about the slander, but his response was rather entertaining to say the least.

Check out Yachty’s clap back (below) and peep some other reactions from Twitter while you’re at it. 

Twitter reactions: