Lil Yachty Gets Family Friendly In "Teen Titans Go" Anthem

Mitch Findlay
June 15, 2018 15:42

Lil Yachty gets animated in zany new "Teen Titans" visuals.

Lil Boat is for the kids. Having locked down a role as Green Lantern in the upcoming Teen Titans major motion picture, Yachty has continued to plant his feet on the franchise. Not long after penning a family friendly "Teen Titans" anthem for children and parents who will no doubt drag their feet to the matinee showings, Yachty has returned, looking more animated than ever. For those wondering what led you to this moment, rest assured, you are not alone. The target audience of this song are no doubt too young to navigate a computer, let alone visit websites that discuss Iggy Azeala in various states of undress.

Should you be among those who count yourself either a Yachty or Teen Titans die-hard fan, you will no doubt enjoy the exuberant nature of this clip. Yet one has to lament the lost era of children's television, in which shows like Beasties, Spider-Man The Animated Series, Digimon, Pokemon and Goosebumps reigned supreme. 

Regardless, salute to Yachty for securing that DC bag.

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