The current crop of young, up-and-coming rappers get a lot of flack for different reasons - some aren't feeling most of their music while others aren't enthused by their "me against the world" personas. However, one thing you can't deny is that these younger emcees appreciate the love that their true supporters give them on a regular basis and, for someone like Lil Yachty, it's effort that is worthy of a special kind of gift.

TMZ is reporting that Yachty sent out some expensive custom-made jewelry to two people he called his "most favorite fans." Sending the gifts by parcel, there was never a follow-up to this story online until today. Apparently, the bling did arrive safely in at least one of the fans' hands, with the pendant being in the shape of an anchor, one of the rapper's trademark images. With her name etched into the back of the piece, it's worth so much more than its weight in gold and diamonds. Check out the original tweet, followed up a video showcasing the chain, below.

What's even more jaw-dropping is the cost that went into the necklace. The report states that the gift sent by Yachty to the lucky recipients have a retail value of $10,000 each. Talk about paying it forward to your fan base. Check out another image of the custom chain below.

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