It's nice to have friends who like to make you feel special, and Lil Yachty has proven that he's a pal through and through. The Quality Control Music rapper is being praised for his good deed after a video went viral showing him gifting Kodak Black with a few stacks of cash. Kodak has been enjoying every minute of freedom since receiving a presidential pardon from Donald Trump, and within his first weeks out of prison, Kodak has already made club appearances and offered to pay the college tuition for the children of two murdered FBI agents.

In the viral clip, Yachty seems to be the person behind the camera, and he, Kodak, and a few others are standing around a vehicle, hanging out. "I got something for you," said Yachty as he handed Kodak stacks of $100s. The Florida rapper replied with a smile on his face, "I appreciate it." Kodak quickly tucked that money—$50K—away and began modeling a shade of sunglasses.

Fans can expect to hear much more from Kodak Black in the weeks to come as the rapper has already released "Last Day In" and "Every Balmain." We're sure he has more than enough material to work with. Check out his clip with Lil Yachty below.