Lil Yachty got in the spirit of the season, clearly, as he blessed his whole team, aka the Sailing Team, with Rolexes for Christmas. Coach K, of Quality Control, captured video on his Instagram of the gift-giving.

The Sailing Team was ecstatic with the generous gift from Yachty (why wouldn't they be), while Coach K championed his generosity and kind heart in his Instagram post. Coach K wrote alongside the video, "I told this kid you got the heart of gold I made you 12 million last year in 2018 you’ll make 25 million. When you bless others your blessings will pour in." It's a good day to be a member of the Sailing Team-- the crew includes upcoming female rapper Kodie Shane, as well as Jbans, Earl the Pearll, BigBruthaChubba, TheGoodPerry, Erron Vercetti and Byou.

Check out the Quality Control Records' manager video post below.

The rapper also recently got himself a Maybach, perhaps an early Christmas gift.