Dreams and aspirations —we've all got 'em.

For Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty, widely popular Netflix show Big Mouth is where it's at. The animated series humorously follows the main character Andrew as he navigates the perilous waters of puberty and unsurprisingly boasts a number of influential fans with a solid team of comedians including Nick Kroll, Maya Rudolph, John Mulaney, and Jessi Klein at the show's helm.

Lil Yachty has been a long time fan of the show consistently tweeting about it to his 4.5 million followers often. It seems that Yachty's efforts have not gone unnoticed as both the Netflix and Big Mouth twitter accounts have shown the rapper some major love this past week. The aforementioned Twitter exchange first took place when Yachty tweeted about acquiring Big Mouth merch. "I need big mouth merch," he wrote.

Apparently, Netflix's social media team was looking out for Yachty as they offered to make the connection, ensuring that the Big Mouth twitter account got the message. Much Yachty's excitement, the Big Mouth team appeared to have sent Yachty a direct message and went a step further by sharing an image of an animated Yacthy next to one of the show's characters. In true superfan fashion, Yachty posted the image on his Instagram account before asking, "Who wants to see me on season 3 of big mouth?" to his Twitter followers. "We need this to happen."