The hottest storyline in music and entertainment right now revolves around the months-long feud Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have been embroiled in. Despite the two seemingly calling a truce late last night, everybody is still talking about their differences. Maury Povich even chimed in and offered the two a free lie detector test! That's how you know things have gotten seriously out of control. During an appearance on Raquel Harper's Raq Rants BET show, Lil Yachty chose his side by saying he would always rep for Cardi B. In doing so, he claimed he wouldn't be working with Nicki in the future. He seems to be backtracking a little on Twitter though, expressing that he still has love for the Queen despite his comments. 

Boat told his fans that Cardi has supported him too much in the past for him to be unclear about who he sides with. The Atlanta artist added, "I fuck w nicki doe been did since elementary school.. they just twisted my words." We're unsure what he means when he says his words were twisted. In the video clip being circulated, Yachty clearly says that while he would "probably want to" collaborate with Nicki, he would ultimately turn her down. 

Many are saying that Minaj is tainting her own legacy by involving herself in such a dramatic fight. She and Cardi have since agreed to focus on positive vibes.