Bhad Bhabie's managed to finesse her fifteen minutes of fame into a straight year in the limelight. After her infamous appearance on Dr. Phil where she spawned 2017's favorite catch phrase, she landed a record deal with Atlantic and began hustling on the music front. Since then, she's Rich The Kid, YBN Nahmir and most recently, Lil Yachty. A fan recently questioned Yachty for working with her and the rapper decided to stick up for his "lil sis."

As the self-proclaimed "King Of The Youth," Yachty's constantly shown love to the new artists emerging including Bhad Bhabie. The rapper featured her in the video for "Count Me In" off his latest project, Lil Boat 2 and a day later, hopped on her latest single, "Gucci Flip Flops." When a fan tweeted, "Still trying to figure out why bhad barbie is in yachty’s count me in video," Yachty decided to respond by letting them know that Bhad Bhabie is essentially family.

"Cuz das my lil sis and she gang bitch," he responded.

It's not surprising, in all honesty. Aside from working on music together, Yachty also vouched for her abilities as a rapper. He said that she's harder than most rappers out right now. Maybe we'll get another collaboration from the two of them in the near future.