The conversation about gun ownership and gun laws has been extremely prominent since the Parkland shooting and March For Our Lives. Shortly after, Killer Mike did a NRA TV interview which dropped on the same day as the march. He received a lot of backlash before he ended up clarifying his comments and stated that he is in support of March For Our Lives, but he stood by the fact that he is a proud gun owner. In a recent interview, Lil Yachty spoke on the issue of gun control and revealed that he's also a proud gun owner.

In a recent interview with VladTV, Lil Yachty revealed that he's a gun owner and it's simply for safety purposes. However, he does understand where people are coming from in terms of gun control laws. Yachty says that he's known Killer Mike for years and agrees with his stance on gun ownership.

"I rightfully respect Killer Mike a hundred percent. He knows my father, he's known my father for years." He said. After VLAD gave him a brief synopsis of what Killer Mike said in the NRA interview, Yachty said, "If that's what he said, then yes I do a hundred percent believe in gun rights. You don't know, you got to be able to protect yourself."

While he believes in the right to protect yourself, he also revealed that he empathizes with Vic Mensa and his stance on gun control.

"Me and Vic Mensa, you know, we had our run-ins," he explained. "We’re not friends or nothing, but I know Vic Mensa has a history… that’s only related to the people around him. He’s dealt with a lot serious situations. He’s lost a lot of people. He’s from Chicago, you know what I’m saying? So, can’t nobody tell him what he’s been through. He look at things probably a whole different way when it come to guns... I can't relate or nothing, but I feel him. I'm with Mike on that, you know what I'm saying?"

He later went on to speak about what he believes would happen if gun restrictions came into legislations and more. Peep the interview below.