In a generation where the perception of image has become a defining trait, "Corny" has become one of this generation's most biting insults. In that sense, it is reserved exclusively for the worst offenders, and once one is hit with the label, it becomes as hard to shake. Some speculate that the "corn" emoji was designed exclusively for such a purpose.

In any event, you may have heard about a recent exchange of insults between unlikely foes Ian Connor and YBN Cordae. During a "Sneaker Shopping" feature, Cordae took a few shots at Connor's shoes, calling them "rapey" among other dubious characteristics. The exchange prompted Connor to fire back on IG live, threatening to put a "target" on Cordae's back. Say what you will about the volley, but one thing is for certain: Lil Yachty does not approve. In fact, he took to Twitter to dub Cordae's comments "corny," before swiftly deleting it. 

Unfortunately for Boat, his words were captured, and he was subsequently put to task by a few inquisitive fans. One has to wonder if Cordae will find himself phased by any of this, and come out swinging; he's already being touted as one of the more lyrical up-and-comers. Can't everybody all just get along?