Lil Yachty has proven himself to be quite the astute entrepreneur, living life as a bonafide jack-of-all-trades since his arrival to the game in 2016. And while the free-spirited days of Lil Boat have sailed away, Yachty has expanded his skill set considerably, having recently channeled Lil Dicky and kicked off his foray into the world of scripted television. The series in question is titled Public Figures, with Yachty holding it down in a starring role -- unsurprising, given that the show is loosely based on his life.

Lil Yachty

 Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images

While the series was originally intended for Quibi, the closure of that network has ultimately led to Public Figures being picked up by HBO Max. A brief plot summary indicates that Public Figures will follow Yachty and friends as they attempt to make a living as influencers in New York City; it's as of yet unclear as to whether his hip-hop roots will play any role in his character's career path. 

Alongside Yachty himself, Public Figures will be produced by the team of Ian Edelman (creator of How To Make It In America), Brian Sher, Gregory Jones, and Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre "P" Thomas of Quality Control and its film/TV imprint Quality Films. "This has been two years and a lot of hard work in the making and we are so excited and just so proud," says Coach K, in an official statement.

As of now, further details surrounding the series remain unknown -- should you be interested in seeing this one come to life, stay tuned for more news on Public Figures as it surfaces. In the meantime, keep an eye out for Lil Yachty's upcoming mixtape Michigan Boy Boat