It seems to happen every summer. The game loses a talent before their time. Last year, Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington took his life at the age of 41. The news sent ripples of shock throughout the community, especially considering how Linkin Park's presence had occasionally blended into the hip-hop realm. Naturally, the sudden tragedy left the band, including fellow vocalist Mike Shinoda, in mourning.  Now, on the one year anniversary of his death, the entire band has taken to Instagram to pay homage to their "brother."

"To our brother Chester," begins the letter, posted alongside a picture of Chester at work. "It has been a year since your passing—a surreal rotation of grief, heartbreak, refusal, and recognition.  And yet it sill feels like you are close by, surrounding us with your memory and your light.  Your one-of-a-kind spirit has authored an indelible imprint on our hearts—our jokes, our joy, and our tenderness. Eternally grateful for the love, life, and creative passion you shared with us and the world.  We miss you more than words can express."

The letter is signed by the entire band, Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, Dave Farrell, Rob Bourdon, and Brad Delson. All things considered, it's nice to see his memory live on. Should you consider yourself a fan, head over to the band's IG page and show your support. Rest in peace Chester Bennington.