Will we see the role of Diamond reprised for a new generation? The Players Club is a fan favorite that first premiered back in 1998 as Ice Cube's directorial debut. It was the rapper's first time helming the director's chair as he got another taste of the movie industry, and it was a stepping stone to a Hollywood crossover career that many artists have yet to reach. LisaRaye McCoy was an aspiring actress with big dreams when Cube cast her as Diamond, and recently Draya Michele and Joseline Hernandez traded messages about who would be better fitted for the role of should a remake ever present itself.


"I think, why not? You know what I mean? I do have a problem with some of the sequels sometimes when they're done so well and it's the first time you see it, it's like, let Diamond be Diamond," LisaRaye told her Cocktails with Queens co-hosts. "Maybe somebody can play Cubic Zirconia or something. But Diamond was done so well but she's still Diamond, you know what I mean? So, I don't know what to say."

"I'll tell you that I don't see Joseline in that role, though," LisaRaye continued. "She got it. She got bod-ody-ody, for real." She noted that Draya dressed up as Diamond of Halloween. "She did it very well and she hit me like, look. I'm a little you. I've actually acted in some things with her as well." 

The ladies discussed Joseline instead tackling the role of Ronnie while LisaRaye suggested that if there was a sequel, Cube should do what he did the first time around and "get a no name." Check out the chat below and let us know if you think Draya could star in a The Players Club remake as Diamond.