The North Carolina rap duo, Little Brother - made up of Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh - made a surprise announcement today that they will be dropping their fifth studio album - and first album together in nine years - May The Lord Watch. The only other indication that this album was on the way was a clip that Phonte posted on his Instagram account four days ago with the cryptic caption, Stay tuned... #LBbizness. The clip featured the logo and jingle for the fictional television network, UBN, that was used to tie together the concept of their critically-acclaimed 2005 album, The Minstrel Show

While the majority of Little Brother's previous albums featured soulful production from 9th Wonder - who served as the group's third member - but it appears he will not be returning on May The Lord Watch. While 9th Wonder took to Twitter to promote the project with the message, "My brothers @phontigallo & @rapperbigpooh give you that much needed food, music, and soul.", he also wrote, "Shouts to my brother @khrysis_ on production." Khrysis has collaborated with Little Brother in the past, featuring on their 2007 album, Getback, and 2010 album, Leftback

Although the songs are not yet available to stream, the album's tracklist can be seen on Little Brother's official YouTube page

May The Lord Watch tracklist

1. The Feel
2. A Word from the President
3. Everything
4. Right On Time
5. Black Magic (Make It Better)
6. Life After Blackface
7. Goodmorning Sunshine
8. Dyana Changed My Life
9. What I Came For
10. Inside The Producer's Studio 
11. Sittin Alone 
12. Picture This
13. N****s Hollering
14. All In A Day
15. Work Through Me