Although she typically makes headlines regarding drama surrounding Lil Baby and their son Jason, Ayesha Howard is actually working on a music career of her own. Under the stage name of Little Ms Golden, Howard has already started releasing music for her followers to eat up.

Last October, she dropped her first single "Leaving You," which came with an uncredited Tory Lanez feature. Perhaps the decision to not market the single as featuring the "canceled" Brampton artist was best considering the controversy and allegations surrounding him throughout 2020, but it also ultimately led to "Leaving You" getting looked over.

Screenshot of Little Ms Golden's Instagram Story from February 8, 2021

In a new story post, Little Ms Golden shared a black and white photo of a microphone, teasing that she's back in the studio and "tryna get that Lil Baby bag." She follows that behind-the-scenes flick with a quick statement that details her excitement for her journey moving forward, saying, "Watch how my story unfolds. My struggle days were all worth it, scars and all, my story is beautiful! God is preparing my table! Watch this."

Time will tell if Little Ms Golden will be able to escape the enormous shadow of her child's father and lead a successful music career, but for now, what are your thoughts on her debut single that dropped last fall?