Live Nation is planning to bring back in-the-flesh concert experiences, but they've implemented tons of social distancing measures in order to keep attendees, artists, and everyone in between safe amid the coronavirus pandemic. It was reported by Yahoo Finance on Wednesday (May 6th) that Live Nation plans to cut venue capacity by 80% for future concert events. Additionally, audience members will be placed at least 2-12 seats apart in order to remain six feet apart minimum at all times. It will also be required for everyone to wear a mask at all times, and have their temperature checked at each entry point. Venues will be completely sanitized using fog sprayers, bathrooms will be limited to ten people at a time, and soap and paper towel dispensers will be contactless.

live nation concerts music catch capacity venue return soon social distancingMatt Cardy/Getty Images

The event promoter is testing out this new approach with its first official socially distanced concert. Travis McCready, the frontman of country-rock band Bishop Gunn, is set to play a show in Fort Smith, Arkansas, next Friday (May 15th), with all the aforementioned safety measures in place. As indicated, the venue capacity will be cut by 80%, from 1100 to 229 permitted attendees. Depending on how successful this particular event proves to be in terms of reducing coronavirus exposure and providing a worthwhile concert experience, more artists may be able to start performing live once again.