In recent weeks, Lizzo has been all about her body positivity. It's something that she stands strongly behind, encouraging women of all shapes and sizes to be confident with who they are. Leading the nominations at next year's Grammy Awards ceremony, the breakout star is seriously striving and can do no wrong. "Truth Hurts" is still picking up millions of streams on a daily basis and now, her single "Good As Hell" is continuing the chart success. In order to continue pushing her narrative that anybody can be considered sexy, the pop star took to social media, stripped off all her clothes, and went for a quick crawl toward the camera.

Sharing two different posts from her nude photoshoot, the Detroit native reminded us all that she's still "100% that bitch" by shedding her clothing, setting up on the couch and sensually posing for some quick shots. She strategically covered up the sensitive areas on her frame, crawling toward the photographer in a video shared as a second upload. The comments are dramatically positive with so many of the singer's fans praising her for continually pushing body positivity on women across the world.

Lizzo has been having an outstanding year and she's on track to end it with even more success. How do you feel about her?