Lizzo is either showing off her body, speaking on body positivity, or dancing and playing her flute. As someone who has officially crossed over to pop star status, each of these activities also elicits the full attention of the internet–and this is clearly something that Lizzo is still grappling with.

On David Letterman's My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, Lizzo shared that although she frequently speaks on her issues with body image and advocates for Black Lives Matter that she does not want to be considered an activist simply because of the way she looks. “I’m sick of being an activist just because I’m fat and Black,” Lizzo shared with Letterman, "I want to be an activist because I’m intelligent, because I care about issues, because my music is good, because I want to help the world.”

Even though Lizzo loves her body, during the pandemic she decided to welcome a vegan lifestyle and recently celebrated 6 months of clean eating. She appears unwaveringly confident but also struggles with self-love and works every day to not internalize negative things that trolls say about her on the internet. 

By the looks of her recent post, she is not too concerned about the trolls but rather wants viewers to join her for some meditation and watch "[her] thunder match [her] thighs."

Are you down for some meditation with Lizzo