You never know who/what you'll see at a Los Angeles Lakers home game. Last night, the impressive squad took on the Minnesota Timberwolves at the STAPLES Center and Lizzo was seated courtside to enjoy the evening. The spirited Laker Girls often perform their choreography of the star's hit single "Juice" during commercial breaks to keep the crowd hyped and, with the superstar singer being in attendance, you know that the cameras were on her during the display. However, the cameraman was forced to cut away from Lizzo quickly after she suffered an intentional "wardrobe malfunction."

Lizzo is all about body positivity and, last night, she continued her campaign with her shocking outfit at the Lakers game. When her track blared over the loudspeakers, Lizzo turned around for the camera and exposed her booty, which was only covered by a black thong. She twerked to her heart's content but once the camera operator realized that the fun was not necessarily family-friendly, they cut back to the cheerleaders. 

People noticed that, after the hilarious happening, WWE legend Rikishi began trending on Twitter. While he has literally nothing to do with the event, the trend does involve comparisons that fans are making between Lizzo and Rikishi. People are saying that the global sensation looked just like the heavyweight superstar, even going so far as to edit her face onto his body. As you would expect, the laughs just kept on pouring in on social media. Peep some highlights below.