She has consistently shared her body-acceptance journey with the world, and Lizzo has once again taken to social media to post about loving her shape. The plus-sized singer has been trolled because of her weight, but Lizzo has taken the negativity and used it as fuel to help others. The "Truth Hurts" star has been candid about her struggles—mental, emotional, and physical—and she's adopted certain practices to help her to be overall kinder to herself.

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Today (February 2), Lizzo posted a brief video to Instagram where she's standing in her bathroom mirror wearing only a sports bra and underwear. In her caption, she explained why she's implemented speaking to herself with positive affirmations. "I started talking to my belly this year. Blowing her kisses and showering her with praises. I used to want to cut my stomach off I hated it so much. But it’s literally ME," wrote the singer.

"I am learning to radically love every part of myself. Even if it means talking to myself every morning. This is your sign to love on yourself today!" In the video, Lizzo rubs on her belly as she says, "I love you so much. Thank you so much for keeping me happy, for keeping me alive... May I continue to listen to you. You deserve all the space in the world to breathe, expand and contract, and give me life. I love you."

Erykah Badu jumped in with support by commenting one word: "Power." Check it out below.

Lizzo, Erykah Badu, Body Normalization, Body Acceptance, Body Positivity