LL Cool J is a legend in hip-hop. He was monumental for the growth of Def Jam and he was the original hip-hop ladies man. Although he may have fallen out of the musical spotlight, LL retains one of the highest levels of respect in the game. That's why it must have been hurting him that his fans have been butchering his lyrics for years. Seemingly out of nowhere, LL hopped online and shared the original lyrics to two of his classics. 

LL started out with the Timbaland produced single "Headsprung." “Let’s end the debate. All the lyric sites have it wrong,” stated LL before blessing fans with the real lyrics. "Head sprung intro.. FYI. They call me 'Big Elly' 'a bit silly' but BIG money' 'BIG really' 💰When I’m sliding in the Martin (Aston) you hear me.🔈🎶🔈I be slicing w/ these bars so you fear me. Lemme RIP it up for cuz in the back. 💪🏾Lemme flip I put a buzz '🔫' in your hat," wrote the hip-hop veteran. Fans seemed confused and teased the rapped online after his clarification. 

Then, LL hopped back on Twitter to share lyrics to "Flava In Ya Ear," one of the quintessential hip-hop singles. "IsssssSHEeeeeeee BlowTicious....(can she get busy?)💋🍆 Ski 'V'.  (Car rides smooth like it’s on skis).... Delicious ... Give me cous cous  '💦 🍑' Love me good. ❤️💪🏾Mmmm damm! Hollis to Hollywood ?," wrote LL, clarifying for fans decades later that we've all been singing nonsense for years.