For the past few months, Lloyd Banks has been plotting his comeback, having previewed new music and a potential collaboration with Benny The Butcher. All the while, mysterious status updates seem to suggest an imminent release, though no concrete release date has been provided thus far. Yet this weekend, Banks came through to kick the rollout off proper, uploading a foreboding teaser to his Instagram page. 

While the clip itself doesn't provide a thorough look at the music to come, it feels appropriately introductory. A melancholic piano section floats beneath an assortment of location shots, setting the tone that Banks has been quietly observing his surroundings before a title card reading COTI lands. There's an aura of calm before the storm if you will, and it's all too easy to imagine him sliding over the keys the moment the drums hit; if his masterpiece "Till The End" proved anything, it's that Banks' gravelly cadence is especially effective over instrumentals of this nature. 

Lloyd Banks

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

As for when the full version might surface, a gambler would be wise to put their money on soon. True, that cursed word might hold a variety of different meanings in the rap game, but it's certainly better than nothing. "OK now it’s starting to feel like the energy is right!" captions Banks, suggesting his predilection for a new release. "Let’s get it to 20K!! PLK nation stand up." We can only assume that an update will be coming shortly. 

Check out the teaser below, and be sure to sound off in the comments if you're eager to hear what the Punchline King has been cooking up.