Opinions are like...you know how the saying goes. Everyone's got one. Yesterday, The Brew Podcast pulled off a brilliant stroke of viral marketing, putting forth a list of the Top 50 Best Rappers Of All Time. With more than a few incendiary takes on deck, it didn't take long for the list to circulate; thanks to an uproar-causing placement at third overall, Joe Budden even found himself atop the daily Twitter trends. "I ain’t make that list but i ain’t arguing against it lol," wrote Joey, in response to the heated discussion. And that's only one of the narrative that seemed to spring legs overnight. 

Not even a healthy New York bias could help Lloyd Banks, who managed to squeak in and secure the fiftieth spot.  Bested by no shortage of his colleagues and contemporaries, the man known colloquially as "the Punchline King," found himself enjoying the ultimate consolation prize. He made it, but only just. As many still hold Banks in high esteem, the response to the placement was met with defiance from his loyal fans. Before long, Banks himself came forward to acknowledge the list, having a laugh at his own expense.

"Last tho?" he writes, via Twitter. "I'm trash." We can only hope the list encourages him to drop off a mixtape in response, proving once and for all that the kingship is far from a temporary position. All things considered, where would you place the PLK?