Lloyd Banks has earned the right to be championed as the punchline king, a title he seems to embrace. Between his early work with G-Unit --including the star-making "Victory" freestyle-- and the classic Hunger For More, Banks' gruff brand of clever lyricism makes him a rare breed of emcee. One whose presence on a Funk Flex or LA Leakers would be elevated to an instant spectacle. As such, his fans are quick to pay homage when given the chance. It's gotten to the point where Banks is openly inviting smoke from any willing competitor.

Lloyd Banks URL Battle Rap

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

It started when one of his followers inquired about the possibility of a URL battle, provided the bag was enticing enough. Banks replied with the Drizzy special, which is to say, a diabolical emoji. Roughly translated to a) wait and see or b) bring it on. After one skeptic mused that his publicized career would leave the door open for too many personal shots, Banks came through to shut it down with the quickness.

"Nobody on the [Earth] cooking the kid," he writes, a confident declaration of strength. In other words, Banks is accepting all challengers, whether Battle Rapper or overzealous claimant. The Punchline King is growing tired of sitting the throne, his dreams turning to open-field warfare once again.