Coming into last night's fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather, there was a lot of fanfare and there was also a lot of hype. Many wanted to see Floyd knock Paul out, while others were hoping for some sort of massive upset. In the end, fans got neither of those things as Floyd took it pretty easy all while Logan survived all eight rounds. Based on Mayweather's effort, it seemed as though he never actually wanted to knock Paul out, although regardless, you have to give it to Logan for surviving.

Following the match, most people came out and agreed that Floyd won, however, there were certainly some people out there who were giving Paul the moral victory. In fact, in the Instagram post below, Paul claimed victory after the match, all while showing some of his best punches from the fight.

At the end of the day, Logan looked like he was putting in way more effort than Floyd, although it largely didn't pay off as Mayweather is simply too good at defending and dodging punches. Regardless, this is the perfect situation for Logan who will now get to bask in the financial success of the endeavor.

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Logan paul
Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images
Logan Paul
Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images