Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather got to take part in a special event just one month ahead of their big fight in Miami. The whole thing was done at the Hard Rock Stadium and it saw the two face off and talk some trash as a way to build up some hype. In the end, it was Logan's younger brother Jake who stole the show as he took Mayweather's hat right off of his head and then immediately took a beating from the security guards.

This whole thing has turned into a huge meme on the internet and Logan couldn't help but respond to it all. In the Instagram post and Tweet below, Logan said the "press conference went well" while also posting a photo of Floyd looking livid, with the caption "all for a hat."

Since the altercation went down, many on the internet have claimed that this entire thing was staged and that it's simply a ploy to receive a Jake x Floyd fight somewhere down the line. Even if this is true, there is no denying that there is some entertainment to be had here, and it's only going to make for a more fascinating bout on June 6th.

When all is said and done, we're sure the PPV numbers are about to be massive.

Floyd Mayweather

Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images