By now, you've read through quite a few reactions to the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight. Jake Paul declared his brother the winner, although winners weren't technically called, and fans were overwhelmingly disappointed with the exhibition bout. immediately following the match, a clip of the fight arose among the commentary and showed a moment that Logan Paul caught a punch from Mayweather and fell into his opponent. 

Some people theorized that this was the "knockout" that fans wanted to see, however, Mayweather looked as if he held up his opponent. Critics claimed that Mayweather wanted the fight to go all eight rounds and that's why there weren't any big blowout moments, and rumors circulated that Paul really did blackout. However, Paul hopped online to tear down this theory.

"Morning after the fight," said Paul in a video as he inspected his face. "Not too shabby for fighting the best. I'm seeing this narrative going around that—there's one part in the fight where Floyd punches me and I kinda like, leaned on him a little bit and it looks like I kinda went limp and people are trying to spin it and say that he knocked me out and caught me and kept me up to keep the fight going to the eighth round."

"Shut the f*ck up," he continued. "Like, just shut the f*ck up. Like, stop trying to discredit what happened last night. Make no mistake, he got a lotta good punches in. I got f*cked up a couple shots. I didn't know my face could make that shape, but never rocked, never blacked out, never, obviously, got knocked out."

"He didn't help me up. He tried to take me out and he couldn't. It was great." Check it out below and make sure to read our article: "Floyd Mayweather Vs. Logan Paul Was An All-Time Great Finesse."