As Logan Paul viciously trolls Floyd Mayweather ahead of their highly-anticipated boxing match, his 2016 YouTube incident has landed him a lawsuit. For those of you who may not remember, it was back in 2018 when the famed vlogger faced an immeasurable amount of backlash after he filmed himself visiting Aokigahara, Japan, also known as the "Suicide Forest." It has been hailed as a location where people visit when they want to end their lives, and not only did Paul film himself at the somber spot, but he recorded a person's body hanging from a tree and was seen laughing through some of the video. 

Later, Paul apologized for his clip, and eventually, it became another story in his infamy. However, Planeless Pictures now claims that they inked a movie deal with Paul two years earlier in 2016, but their plans came crashing down because of the controversy surrounding the Suicide Forest clip.

According to documents TMZ claims they have obtained, Planeless and Paul were to work on a film titled Airplane Mode where the YouTube star portrayed a fictionalized version of himself. The now-boxer agreed to also write and produce the film, as well as gather several other YouTube influencers to make appearances to help with promoting the project.

Planeless claimed that with the backing from Paul and Co., they were able to sign a $3 million licensing deal with Google, however, the company states that Logan's Suicide Forest antics "completely destroyed the movie deal." Additionally, Planeless even accuses Paul of knowing that the movie deal would be compromised if he posted the infamous video, but he did it anyway. The production company reportedly believes Logan Paul owes them, at the very least, the $3 million from the destroyed Google deal.