Back in August, YouTube megastars Logan Paul and KSI fought in a 6-round boxing match at Manchester Arena in the United Kingdom. The match attracted millions of viewers on a YouTube live stream where you had to pay $10 USD just to watch. The event was a success, with the match itself ending in a tie. This result led to both fighters agreeing to a rematch, but according to Paul, KSI is delaying the process and breaking their contract.

TMZ caught up with the oldest Paul brother where they asked him about the fight with KSI. On Wednesday KSI had posted a video to his YouTube channel saying Logan was to blame for the delay. Paul replied to TMZ saying this wasn't the case at all. "He already broke the contract. It was supposed to happen in February. He already broke that sh*t," Paul explained. "He needs time to prepare. I'm okay. I tried to do it in December but he wouldn't do it."

Ksi says he wants the fight to happen in November so that they both have time to train and promote the event. He also said Logan wants to fight on the West Coast but the British YouTuber believes that would hurt UK fans who want to catch the fight live, since the timezones create a conflict. KSI is demanding that the fight happen in the East instead.

To watch KSI's full video explaining the situation, watch the video below.