It's always fascinating to see people in their element, doing the thing that they're most passionate about. Whether it is musicians, visual artists or athletes, watching somebody at work, doing what they love is captivating. Logic recently released "44 More," a single that has already been received well by fans, debuting at number 1 on our top 100 tracks list and boasting an impressive 91% approval rate from our readers. Logic's first new song of 2018 is all bars, giving his fans something to be excited about as he effortlessly rhymes over the beat. However, as with all things entailing success, there was absolutely an effort that went into it and Logic shared the studio session that led to the release of his newest drop.

The track was recorded in the summer of 2017 and, in the session, Logic is still getting used to some of the faster bars that he spits on the final product. Their set-up is noticeably minimalistic, giving hope to all of you bedroom rappers hoping to make it as Logic raps into a mic without a pop filter or any foam panels to absorb sound. 

The video is engaging as it is always compelling to see a musician's process in regards to doing what they do best. "44 More" is a banger, and Logic definitely knocked it out of the park with this one. Check out the full video below.