He may be easing into his early days of retirement, but Logic's fans are already hoping that he'll release a mixtape of tracks he has in the vault. Recently, Logic sat down with Hard Knocks TV and during the interview, he played a few songs for the host. "I was gonna do this mixtape where I just rap on everybody's beats," Logic said as he played songs of himself spitting a few rhymes over "Go Stupid" by NLE Choppa and "Rigamortis" from Kendrick Lamar.

Logic, Petition, Mixtape, Hard Knocks TV
Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff / Getty Images


Nick Huff Barili chimed in to say that he planned on launching a petition for Logic to release the mixtape. Logic was apprehensive. “I don’t know, I don’t think people want that.” The host still pressed the rapper. "You got all this music and you’re just gonna lock it up in a vault?” Logic replied, "Yeah... who gives a sh*t?... I don’t know, I don’t think anybody really wants a free mixtape with me... I like the idea of rapping on other people’s beats 'cause it was fun and it brought a hunger in me. That's why my mixtapes were the way that they were because you have to rap as good, if not better, than the original person. It was super fun to do, but I don’t know.”

After some prodding, Logic agreed that if 1 million people signed the petition, he'd release this mixtape of him just rapping over other artists' beats. So, Nick launched it, and at the time of this publication, it's at 18,000 signatures. Check out Logic sharing some unreleased music and chatting about the petition below around the 28-minute mark.