Logic has been having a busy few months, with the Joey Badass & Big Lenbo assisted "Everybody Tour" underway. With the tour scheduled for a stop in Boston on August 9th, there's clearly going to be some downtime to kick it, grab some food, maybe check out a tourist attraction. In that regard, it helps if there's some off stage chemistry as well, as tours tend to be confined when it comes to socializing. Luckily, Logic and Joey Bada$$ seem like close friends.

In a clip from Logic's "Just Another Day" tour journal, the Everybody rapper can be seen kicking it in his trailer, clearly faded off the scotch. Beside him, a shirtless Joey Bada$$, hitting up a bottle of wine. A smooth instrumental plays in the background, and both rappers go in for an off the dome, inebriated cypher. Aka, the best kind.

While the bars may not exactly have you smashing the rewind button, the brotherly camaraderie and quick wit are genuinely entertaining. Even if you aren't a fan, it's cool to see two rappers having fun, engaging in the rare art of off-the-dome freestyling. If you're feeling this, be sure to check out the entire video. It's a well made documentary of Logic's tour, with plenty of humor, insight, and general behind-the-scenes on tour life.

The cypher kicks off around the 7:33 mark.