It's not entirely surprising that it's reached this point, given the frequency with which Logic has been releasing new music. Now, we have official confirmation that the trilogy is set to continue with the imminent release of Bobby Tarantino III -- emphasis on imminent.

In fact, Logic fully intends on releasing his new tape this coming Friday, July 30th. For those keeping score, this will be Logic's first release since 2020's No Pressure, an album marketed and designed to be a swan song of sorts. It's entirely likely that Bobby fully intended to step away from hip-hop, like many who previously teased retirement. Alas, the call of the studio proved too alluring to resist, and before long, Logic was back in album mode.  


Steve Jennings/WireImage/Getty Images

Today, Logic unveiled the elaborate album artwork, as created by NYC artist Sam Spratt. Though he didn't share a tracklist, it stands to reason that some of his recent singles -- "Vaccine, "Call Me," and "Get Up" come to mind -- will be included on the project. It will certainly be interesting to see how Logic follows up No Pressure, easily one of his most acclaimed projects in recent memory.

We can only hope that Logic takes his own advice, and doesn't put too much pressure on himself moving forward with this return. Based on what we've heard so far, Logic appears to be in a carefree state, focusing on the music he wants to make and tuning out the noise and chatter. Look for Bobby Tarantino III to arrive this Friday, July 30th.