Making sure to keep himself busy, Logic's creativity is proving to show no bounds as his skills are not limited to music. Fresh off the release of his short film "Everyday," the Maryland sensation is looking to expand his craft to the other side of entertainment. Speaking to Ryan Seacrest, the "44 More" rapper was reserved about the details surrounding his upcoming plans but it's looking like a foray into film and television is in the works. While his music career is flourishing before our eyes, his star continues to grow in all aspects of originality.

Logic revealed that he had already written and will be starring in a movie that is set to go into production at the end of the year. Surprising the radio host, Seacrest asked what the film was about, to which Logic replied, "It's a comedy. If I'm gonna come out the gate, I just wanna make people laugh. It's basically a comedy about this record store but I won't get too much into that." Delving even further, Logic said he's also working on a scripted television show that he will also be acting in. Continuing his train of thought, Bobby declared that he was finished his first fiction novel titled Supermarket, and that he was writing the second book. While he does not reveal its name, he describes it as "really rad" and "super fun." 

A true businessman, Logic is showing himself to have high aspirations as he attempts to grow his brand to an astronomical level. Already recognized as one of the better lyricists in the game, it will be interesting to see how he adapts to different creative ventures.