Though Logic previously spent a few months living it up stag-style, it didn't take long before a young woman stole his heart. After about a year and a half of dating, he and designer Brittney Noell were moving to get married, further proof that a couple-centric alternative to "Hot Girl/City Boy" exists in hip-hop. Clearly, Bobby was looking to achieve peak Family Man status in record time, perhaps spurred on by a listen of The Big Day, or simply deciding the time was right. And, determined to retain control of his agency in a leak-heavy industry, Logic managed to make the announcement in a truly innovative fashion.

“And I’m having a little baby!” he raps, a bookend to his recent "No Pressure" freestyle. “Surprise! It’s a little baby boy, fu*k TMZ, they can’t get the scoop on that shit!” The old two-birds, one stone maneuver; make a wholesome announcement while flipping off the media in one fell swoop. As of now, it's unclear whether Logic's son is a new development, or if Noell has been quietly pregnant behind the scenes. Either way, Papa Bob and his growing family deserve some major congratulations. 

While it wouldn't be surprising to see Logic take some time off for paternal duties, perhaps he will find himself inspired by his son's arrival, and hit the studio accordingly. Either way, we're happy for Logic, and wish him and his family all the best.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images