Logic may have officially called it quits on the rap front, but damned if he didn't opt to bow out gracefully with No Pressure. Viewed by many -- including some his ardent critics -- as a return to form, the No I.D-assisted project featured some of Bobby Tarantino's most inspired bars in a minute. And more importantly, he sounded like he was having fun once again, moving away from attempting to please others and prioritizing his own creative instincts. It's no wonder that No Pressure continues to resonate with fans, and Logic is returning to reward that loyalty with another album-related Twitch stream.

Logic No Pressure

Rachel Murray/Getty Images 

With a million dollar streaming deal already signed sealed and delivered, Logic has scheduled an upcoming No Pressure 101 stream, set to transpire tomorrow, August 12, at 6PM EST. Interested parties can head to Twitch for what promises to be a "deconstruction of Logic's final album," picking up where the emotional listening session left off. Fans can expect even more thorough insight from Bobby, including a track-by-track analysis of his swan song, a must-watch for those who have an interest in the creative process.

"We back it! Part TWO of my breakdown of my album No Pressure, tomorrow night," captions Logic, clearly reveling in the new arrangement; no pressure indeed. Should you be looking for a quick refresher before tomorrow's stream, don't hesitate to revisit the album right here