Logic isn't the first rapper to tackle the "Hot Ones" challenge, and he won't be the last. The Everybody emcee is, by his own admission, horrible with spicy foods. The endearing Young Sinatra is visibly nervous from the jump, reflecting on time spent living in Big Lenbo's basement, struggling to stomach the intensity of his family's curry. Appropriately, Sean kicks off the conversation with a reference to Logic's previous life, working in the Wingstop kitchens. As he proceeds through the ranks, he grimaces, stating "I'm just trying to make my wife proud." 

As the Scoville level rises, so too do the nerves. Logic's a trooper though, and proceeds to drop a hilarious challenge to Vince Staples, who was previously talking some serious shit about his untouchable Playstation skills. Turning to the camera, Logic directly addresses Vince, saying "I got a message for Vince motherfucker, when you gonna come see me in PlayStation? You been talkin' that shit for years, bro! Come see me on the PlayStation. He then proceeds to dispute Vince's claims that the Big Fish Theory ever beat him, claiming that they never played in the first place.

As per usual, Hot Ones interviews tend to lead to some comedic and genuine moments, and this one is no exception. Around the thirteen minute mark, Logic begins to succumb to the devastation of the wings, and struggles to conclude the story of how he came to voice himself on Rick And Morty. Be sure to check the clip out - even if you aren't a fan, you might just become one after this.