Logic's "Freestyle Friday" series rolls along. The "Black SpiderMan" rapper has been giving fans snippets of new music and dubbing the event as a freestyle. The definition of a freestyle has mutated over the last two decades. Originally, rappers who performed freestyles were rapping on the spot, coming up with bars as we watch them. Once rap began to grow though, rappers would deliver prewritten verses instead. Now, "freestyle" can be attributed to songs, such as the "Litty Freestyle," which was obviously meticulously written. Logic puts his own twist on the idea of the freestyle, and it works well. 

For the fifth entry into the "Freestyle Friday" narrative, Logic delivers the snippet while being filmed with a 360 camera. He drives down a street around the twilight hour, with pink clouds passing him by. The mind-boggling angle works well with the smooth sounding instrumental produced by Mac Demarco. Logic chooses to sing instead of rap, laying down a melodious ode to a woman that he can't get enough of. "C'mon baby, c'mon girl/ let me rock your world," sings Logic. In the background, the rapper lays down "c'mon" vocals that sound like a quartet is singing behind him. This may be the best "Freestyle Friday" snippet so far.