Logic used to love interacting with his fans but, nowadays, he finds it hard to have the same kind of connection he once had with the Ratt Pack without encountering some kind of hateful message.

The internet is a pretty mean place. Artists and public personalities know that all too well. If you don't have thick skin, you likely won't last too long because there is always going to be some keyboard warrior talking mad shit about you. Logic has dealt with that for far too long and he's explaining that, now that he's got a family, he doesn't want to be anywhere near the hate.

"That's why I went to this happy place. This is why I'm leaving," said Logic in a brand new interview with Hard Knock TV. Prior to that, he was speaking about how cruel people can be on social media, explaining that he's already encountered some of the mean comments about his wife and baby.

"It happens all the time. I'll go 'I love you guys!' and somebody's like 'F****t.' How can you just say this and nothing happens to you? That's crazy to me, dog. And they'll shit on me... It's gonna happen. They're gonna call my baby ugly. They've already shit on my wife, made accounts and called her ugly. It's crazy."

It's too bad that things got so bad for Logic that he felt like leaving music was the only way out. 

Watch his new interview below.