Logic's son was born earlier this year and since then, he has completely embraced everything that comes with being a father. It's clear that Logic is loving this new life and now that he has officially retired from music, he can fully devote his time to playing with his son, Bobby. Yesterday, Logic celebrated his very first Christmas with his son and he made sure to get the kid hooked on some of his own hobbies.

Of course, everyone knows Logic is a huge gamer and on Friday, he got his child one of those light-up controllers that are specifically made for infants. In the video clip below, Logic plays around with the controller and pretends to be his son as he sends some shots at the likes of Faze Clan and Ninja, basically saying to hell with them, it's Little Bobby's time to shine.

Over the course of the next few years, it will be interesting to see just how engrossed little Bobby becomes in the gaming world, especially with his dad's influence around. At one point, Logic was posting video game content on his YouTube channel and now, he even has his own Twitch page.

Needless to say, Little Bobby has a bright future in gaming on the horizon.


Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images