Logic is undeniably on a massive winning streak. Fresh off a reported thirty million dollar deal, the Bobby Tarantino II rapper recently sat down for an extensive conversation with Zane Lowe. While plenty of subjects are covered, some of the most entertaining moments arise when Logic is reflecting on some of his recent collaborations.

Logic reveals his first introduction to 2 Chainz, whom he describes as standing eight feet, nine inches tall. A truly gargantuan presence both on off the mic. "He gave me a 2 Chainz ad-lib as I was meeting him," explains Logic, ever the hilarious storyteller. "He was eating like, shrimp-lobster pasta. I was like, this is the most gangsta shit of all time." He goes on to talk about the Bobby Tarantino II's Big Sean collaboration "Wassup," which Zane describes a "dueling mics." 

"I hit him and I was trying to get that verse from him forever, cause he's a busy guy," says Logic. "I was like Yo, I need that shit, come on dawg, I gotta master my shit. So he sent me the verse and I was like this is insane! This is so crazy! I gotta rap! So he calls me, and he's like 'don't be trying to outrap me Logic!" Do you think Bobby took that one?

The man's humility continues to astound. He proceeds to reflect fondly on his inclusion in the XXL Freshman class of 2013. "I screamed," says Logic. "Back in 2010, I was sleeping on my boy's couch." Album title The Incredible True Story seems a fitting description of Logic's journey thus far. Be sure to catch the interview in full below; even if you aren't familiar with Logic, he's an endearing and entertaining storyteller for fans and newcomers alike.