Logic has been a busy man. In fact, his creative energy appears ceaseless. Not only Big Bob dropped off three albums in the past two years, but he's also been hard at work at penning his debut novel, as well as writing two movies. Of course, rappers have long chased big-screen stardom, but few seem to be as organized as Logic, who appears to be hosting table-reads for his upcoming cinematic endeavors. 

The flick, which may or may not be titled Bobby Boy, appears to be well into the pre-production stages. "Table read for the second movie we’re working on!," writes Logic, alongside a caption of the team at work. We've already heard that Bobby was in the throes of a "comedy," so we can only assume that he'll be getting a chance to flesh his comedic chops. Though some will undoubtedly find a reason to hate, it's dope to see Logic pushing his creativity to the limits. 

Check out the picture, and sound off below. Have you any interest in catching Logic on the big screen? If so, expect more news surrounding his upcoming film to surface in the near future.