While Logic has been hard at work finessing a few new vibes, the rapper took a moment to chop it up with his homie Brian W. Foster, host of "Between The Sheets" and contributor to Critical Role. The interview in itself, which plays out like a conversation between two pals, is a veritable goldmine of content for Logic fans. More importantly, it's a compelling insight into the man's perspective on the world at large. 

"I wish we could say what we really thought," reveals Logic, around the twenty-five minute mark. "That's the bullshit about society." Foster responds by explaining context is everything, and people simply seem unwilling to provide the appropriate time and understanding of character. Logic agrees, expressing that today's climate of "instant" judgment is especially annoying. "It's almost like, not fair," explains Logic. "That's why I love Dave Chappelle...He makes fun of everybody equally." Logic goes on to use a cancer joke as an example, saying "if somebody or their family went through that, it's not going to be as funny...You can't pick and choose what's right or wrong."

It's an interesting glimpse into his mindset around "cancel culture," and further proof that he's a more complex man than some have concluded. "I'm not saying to belittle someone's religion or race," says Bobby. He proceeds to mention a movie that Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. were working on, in which the Iron Man star was cast to play a "cholo" type Mexican character. Logic explains that Downey ultimately called Foxxx to back out, as the social climate proved way too unforgiving. Logic actually seems frustrated by the controversies surrounding film casting, which will likely yield a controversy in itself, for those whose virtue knows no boundaries.

"I'm not saying that there aren't situations where [the criticism] is right," he concludes. "But shit's so PC." To be honest, the entire interview is a refreshing look into Logic's mind, and he openly shares all manner of interesting insights and perspectives. Even if you're on the fence about his music, you might find yourself entertained nevertheless.