Logic has been quietly racking up the dubs, as they say. The man may catch heat on occasion, but often, said heat derives from a place of bitter cynicism, light on sincerity or just cause. Still, it can be exhausting to be subjected to an endless chorus of anonymous jeers, which often permeate the vacuous halls of social media. Clearly, Logic felt compelled to step away for a minute, which clearly had a profound effect on the megastar's mental health. 

"Stepping away from social media has been incredible. It’s great having your own thoughts without millions of people’s opinions influencing your raw decisions both in life and creatively," writes Logic, in a lengthy Instagram post. "We as artists feel the need to post constantly because if we don’t then we won’t be in the conversation. We’re scared that if a post doesn’t have X amount of likes then it wasn’t good enough. This makes us not feel good enough. Constantly comparing ourselves to the success of others."

Of course, Bobby isn't leaving the platform on a permanent basis; he understands all too well the necessity social media plays as a promotional tool. "When it’s time to release something I’ll step back in the ring and go a round or two with my favorites! I’ve been making music, writing movies, smoking joints, playing poker, spending time with my dogs and my friends and it’s been the best time of my life," says Logic. "This isn’t for the public. This is for my fans. I love you guys so much! And I’m beyond stoked for all the fun stuff I have in store for you next year!"

Respect to Big Bob for this one, and keep a watchful eye out for that upcoming Supermarket novel.