Logic is known for having a positive spirit and for being a proud biracial man. Today, he flexes his heart of gold through a display of extreme kindness to one of his fans. 

It all began when someone tweeted into the virtual ether about Logic's show. She was counting the days to a show she couldn't actually attend.

"21 days until Logic's show in London and I wish I was going. To those who are going tho , have an amazing time and enjoy the show!!"

Although she didn't tag the artist in her original post, Logic replied to her tweet by asking her, "Why aren’t you going?"

The enthusiastic fan explained that her financial situation simply wouldn't allow her to fly herself and her brother to London for the event.

"I couldn't afford all of the prices for my brother and I to fly over to London and to stay there. There's always a next time and I hope I get to meet you then."

The entertainer came through with a most generous gift. He offered to pay for a bulk of the expenses that would enable her to attend the concert.

"If your parents allow you to go. I’ll fly you guys to the London show and put you up in a nice hotel . You’re such a great fan! And always show love and support."

The artist remains on brand.