Logic has taken a slightly different approach than usual when it comes to the roll out strategy for his sophomore album The Incredible True Story. Instead of doing a ton of interviews & dropping a plethora of singles, like Ty Dolla $ign, Bieber, & Jeezy just did, the Def Jam rapper has remained relatively lowkey over the past few weeks, releasing only two singles and going by his fans' houses to play them a private listening session of the album. Now will this more personal & intimate approach carry over to success in the record sales? We’ll know that answer next week as the album was just made available for purchase on iTunes.

Laced with 18 tracks in total, the follow up to Under Pressure will feature only three guest appearances from Big Lenbo, Lucy Rose, and Jesse Boykins III. Having already heard the tracks “Like Woah” & “Young Jesus,” the ratt pack, aka his fans, can now stream the rest of the album for free below.

Like most of Logic’s work, I strongly recommend giving this a couple close listens to fully comprehend the wordplay and talent this young Maryland rapper really has. Shit's impressive.