After accomplishing tremendous success as a rapper, Logic is poised to use his platform to work on similarly creative ideas in the entertainment landscape, working on several novels, a film and a venture into television. While he has no shortage of ambition, Logic somehow still finds a way to get in his workouts on a regular basis. With several albums already finished according to him, Logic is spending his new free time as a single man in the gym and it's starting to seriously show. How one finds time to work on their fitness while touring and perfecting multiple creative projects is beyond me but Logic seems to have found the formula.

During his headlining set at Minnesota's Soundset festival, Logic was feeling the heat although, as Lil Yachty will be the first to remind you, it gets cold in the state. Taking off his shirt during his performance, Bobby Tarantino shared an image from the set on his Instagram with the majority of fans going crazy over his body transformation. In simple terms, Logic looks jacked, showing off the gains from his gym sessions proudly as he already has his summer body ready. While his interests are on the "geekier" side of the spectrum, you wouldn't be able to tell from one look at the remodeled body that Logic is showing off.

The rapper recently revealed in a public statement that he and his wife Jessica Andrea had amicably split and his new body seems to be in line with his newfound relationship status.