Logic and his former lover Jessica Andrea have been serving positive relationship goals to their following until their recent split. Although it appeared as though Andrea was quite supportive of her then-husband during his struggle with mental health, the couple grew apart shortly after the release of his breakout single. Logic became increasingly distant following the success he gained from "1-800-273-8255."

The young spouses seemed happy when they attended the Grammy Awards together in January. A couple of months later, Logic expressed his desire to live the life of a single man again. Jessica Andrea wasn't too pleased. Ultimately, the entertainer filed for divorce, which has been finalized recently. Bobby Biracial had tied the knot at the young age of 25, in October of 2015.

He is easing into bachelorhood in style, spotted boarding a jet with a new woman. The blonde is said to be his new love interest although no real confirmation on the subject has yet to be publicized. Then again, he just got divorced, so his jumping into another serious relationship might be unlikely. 

Sources say that he and his ex-wife had signed a prenup so their divorce was swift despite his wealth. Few assets were considered in the division of their household.