Rappers live and die off the strength of their fans, but being a busy celebrity means you don't always have time to post up with your fans for an autograph or a picture. Logic, however, seems to make it a point to appreciate the people who support him, and it shows in this video he posted on Twitter yesterday.

In the video, Logic is seen standing at the front of the airplane, with a line-up of fans waiting for the chance to snap a picture with the "Everyday" rapper. It's obvious that the fans enjoyed it too, as one woman is seen walking towards the back of the plane with tears in her eyes after having had the chance to meet Logic.

It's not all fun and games though, as an airline employee is seen in the video trying to cut the photo op short so they could actually fly the plane to its destination.

After the plane landed, Logic had a message for his fans and perhaps some other, less appreciative rappers. "I love life. Peace, love, and positivity. Be a good person. Treat your fans good. Don't be extra because you got money!"

"Which I got!", Logic added at the end, jokingly.

Logic had quite the day yesterday, after challenging Drake to a game of Fortnite on the Ellen Show and posting up with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Even still, he manged to find the time to show his fans love. Check out the video of the meet and greet below: